How to Grow Medicinal Marijuana

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Since states are continually legalizing growth of medicinal marijuana, many people have decided to grow their own where it is legal to do so. So, if you have the proper conditions for growing marijuana, here are some tips on how to do it.

First of all you need to get familiar with the law and your limitations. Next you need to obtain a doctor’s prescription that you need marijuana for medicinal purposes.

PlantacjaThere are two types of seeds, Indica and Satvia, and you need to choose based on the medical condition. The Indica is used for relaxation, so it’s mostly prescribed for relieving symptoms of muscle problems like multiple sclerosis, tremors, muscle spasms, and overall pain management. The Satvia is a stimulant, and it’s prescribed to cancer and HIV/AIDS patients and other major diseases that have symptoms like migraines, nausea, and loss of appetite.

How_to_Obtain_a_Medical_Marijuana_Growers_LicenseThe plants need to be under enough sunlight, at least 6h. If you will grow them indoors you can use a high pressure sodium bulb. There are a few methods of growing the seeds. You can fill a cup with warm water and keep the seeds in it for 3 days in the dark, or you can place them in a wet paper towel and fold it. One of the best ways is with grodan cubes. Next you need to determine if you will grow it organically or use chemical fertilizers. Natural ingredients are preferable since it will be smoked, and chemicals might affect the taste, but they are cheaper. Use starter or unfertilized soil for initial growth, so you don’t hurt the plant and water it. Place the root facing tip pointing up. The seed should be covered and the soil moist, when the baby plant appears. Leave it there for two weeks with a lot of light and air. Now fertilized soil will be used, but don’t put too much as it might kill the plant, and also avoid using Miracle Grow products. Make a mixture of necessary ingredients and place the plant inside the pot, but be gentle. Water the soil when you’ve finished, but not too much. At this point the plant should be under sunlight for at least 3h, but the best results are with 16h to 20 h of sunlight daily. Water whenever the soil feels dry. The plants should be kept at 67 degrees, so if you are growing it inside you can use ventilation to regulate the temperature.

introNext you need to sex the plant. Male plants don’t produce buds, but have pollen sacks, while female produce buds and have white hairs. That way you get new seeds that are already adapted to the conditions.

After 8-16 weeks the plant should be ready for harvest. You can tell when the hairs turned the color from white to red. The state of the trichomes will affect the quality of the pot. For medicinal purposes it should be cut when the half of the trichomes are milky. The mature plant should be cut above the soil and hanged upside down for a week to dry out.

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