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It’s bringing on a scourge of auto accidents.

Be that as it may, in the event that we were going to settle on another metric of how hazardous maryjane is — what number of auto collisions it causes — weed is still not anyplace close as perilous as other unlawful medications. When all is said in done, the execution of drivers on THC is not affected almost as much as drivers on liquor. A 2004 observational contextual investigation in Accident Analysis and Prevention observed that “no expanded danger for street injury was found for drivers presented to cannabis,” while liquor and benzodiazepines were connected to vehicular mischances. 

states-want-weed-not-pillsThere’s some awful news here: a study distributed in the American Journal of Epidemiology that surveyed 23,591 street fatalities found that the vicinity of cannabis in a dead driver rose from 4.2% in 1999 to 12.2% in 2010. However, since THC can be available in the blood for a considerable length of time after utilize, it’s vague what number of drivers were really high at the season of the mischance. Besides, liquor was found in more than three times the same number of drivers — around 39.7%.

Also, fender bender fatalities have been slanting downwards for quite a long time. There were 51,091 fatalities in 1980, 41,945 in 2000, 37,171 in 2008, and 25,580 in 2012. So regardless of the possibility that maryjane utilization has expanded, American streets are as yet getting more secure.

Pot smoking prompts more wrongdoing.

Sheriff Tom Allman of Mendocio County, Calif., had a notice for Colorado inhabitants three months after they voted to sanction pot in Nov. 2012: “Hooligans put on covers, they go to your home, they kick in your entryway. They point firearms at you and say, ‘Give me your maryjane, give me your cash.'” 

“Expect more wrongdoing, more children utilizing pot and pot available to be purchased all over the place,” said Douglas County Sheriff David Weaver in 2012. “I think our whole state will pay the cost.”


Be that as it may, Denver wrongdoing rates stayed stable and in a few spots really fell. (Pyro-crime was up 109% from the same period, however, spoke to only 23 of 3,757 unlawful acts — so on the off chance that you need to accuse each mean seething doobies, whatever.)

A study in PLOS One that analyzed states which sanctioned restorative maryjane over the period 1990-2006 found that there were really minor diminishments in the murder and exasperated ambush rate. 

It’s easily proven wrong whether sanctioning weed has a considerable descending impact on the wrongdoing rate. In any case, what’s reasonable is that looser weed laws have not been behind any essential wrongdoing waves. Also, additionally, fewer individuals are going to prison in Colorado now that maryjane has been sanctioned.

It makes you lethargic and unsuccessful.

Rivals of cannabis change point to studies like this one from scientist Christer Hyggen that connected weed utilization to lower inspiration at work. Amid the study, 1,997 respondents conceived between 1965-1986 were followed and found to have a factually critical diminishment in their work duty. 

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