Marijuana can help with chronic pain

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According to the latest research, three puffs of marijuana can help the people who are experiencing chronic pain. This pain may have been caused by injury, by surgery, or it may be a chronic pain, but marijuana can help with it, and also make the patient sleep a lot better.

The researchers say that this has been known for some time now, because a lot of the patients that are experiencing severe pain have already been using marijuana and they say that it helped them out a lot. Now, this research has backed up those claims in a scientific way. A clinical trial was done in which people who had the placebo were compared to people who were given three different dosages of cannabis. The researchers say that this study offered concrete evidence that cannabis may help the patients that were struggling with pain.

So, what does this study say exactly? Well, this study was done on 21 people with the average age of 45. All of them felt chronic nerve pain. Some of them were patients who have undergone a surgery during which the surgeon had no choice but to cut a nerve, which led to a chronic nerve pain. So, as we have already said, three different dosages of marijuana were tested, and the highest concentration of it was 9.4% of THC. Other dosages included 6% and 2.5% of THC.

marijuana_joint_drug_pot_82813The study lasted for two months, and all four different dosages were used during all that time (the placebo had a dosage of 0% of THC). During those two months, the patients were rotated, and they did not know which dosage they were using at what time. They got their cannabis through gelatin capsules, which were then put into a pipe or a bowl. Every person in the study had to inhale it for 5 seconds, and then hold that smoke in their lungs for 10 seconds. Only then were they allowed to exhale. The patients puffed this three times a day, with only one puff at a time. Also, it should be noted that the patients continued to use their regular medications during this study.

gout-pain-400x400After the study was over, each of the patients was asked to grade their pain on a scale from a to 10, with the grade 10 being the mark for the wort possible pain. It was proven that the patients that received the highest dose of cannabis felt the most relieved. They have managed to reduce their pain to 5.4, while those patients that were on the placebo only managed to reduce it to 6.1. They say that the reduction may seem pretty modest, but, as they say, any reduction of pain means a lot to these people.

It should be noted that some side-effect were noted among the patients, and some of them included numbness, headache, cough, dry eyes, burning sensation in the area of pain, etc. So, even though it was proven that cannabis may help out people who are suffering chronic pain, side-effects should not be left out of the story.

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